Bring Me the Strangest/Most Awesome Fan-Art Part II

I am so in love with the Strange Fan-Art Thread on Something Awful. Now they have a small Awesome Fan-Art Thread that I am gonna follow as well. I enjoyed doing the first Bring me the Strangest Fan-Art Post so much that I am doin’ anutha. Here we go! Again if you have sources post em in the comments. via The Uniblog

  • Realistic Brock Samson from Venture Bros.

  • Wicked Creepy Fat Samus from Metroid

    This is what strange fan-art is all about. Yuck.

  • Strange Spongebob Gang

  • Awesome Samurai Jack

  • Rad Mario Comic

  • Manly Spongebob

  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts as Simba

    Huh, that is a thing.

  • Cartoonier Mario and Co.

  • Badass Mario Bros.

  • Weird ET Comic

  • Strange Sesame Street

  • Disneyocalypse

    By Matt Rhodes

  • Dapper Blanka from Street Fighter

  • Spiderman Webs The Hulk

  • Fictional Robot Team-Up

  • Kitten/Pikachu

  • Weird Anime Peanuts

  • Badass Velma and Scooby

  • Teddy Roosevelt vs a Bear

  • Princess Bros

  • Office Supplies Conan

  • Rad Tardis and Amy from Doctor Who

  • Manly Powerpuff Girls

  • My Little Pony - Frienships is Magic gone Wild

  • The Hulk vs. Totoro

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