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Bring Me Strange Fan-Art Strikes Again

More Strange Fan-Art from the SA Forums! Part 1 Part 2 in case you missed em. Are you ready for the Bizarre, the Mildly Disturbing and the Awesome? (Note: Please add sources in the comments if you know them.) Via The Uniblog

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  • Creepy Jigglypuff

  • Action Adventure Time

  • Pink Star Wars

  • Scary Alf

  • Ed Ed and Eddy Semi-Realistic

  • Geneder-Swap Freddy and Jason

  • Dalek Sailor Moon

  • Furry Death from Sandman

  • Power Swap X-Men

  • Joke Makes Out with Reptar

  • Realistic Buzz Lightyear

  • Hipster Spock

  • 70s Grind House Superheroes

  • Sammy L is The Wizard

  • Doug + Roger = Love

  • Badass Smurfs

    By Kizer

  • Donald Glover as Spiderman

  • Centaur Link

  • Phoenix Ariel

  • Human Wall-E and Eve

  • Doctor Who to the Future