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'Bring Me Strange Fan-Art' - Here We Go Again

It is that time again. Time for more weird and awesome takes on pop culture's biggest winners (and losers). This art is from all around the inner reaches of the internet. Miss a past segment? Have fun (I hope)! (via The Uniblog)

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  • Yoda Loves The Ladies by Adam Hughes

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by 3nrique1

  • Sexy? Maid Fifi by 14-bis

  • Bat Droids by Adam Carlson

  • Sesame 6 by AJ Paglia

  • Batman BBQ Andrew Willmore

  • Punk Superheroes by Annie Wu

  • Jafar vs. Maleficent by Astrid Vega

  • Teen Titans Rock Band by Bill Walko

  • Gomez and Morticia by Bob Lizarraga

  • Retro Kill Bill by Bobby OHerlihy

  • Batgirl <3s Young Robin by Camila Fortuna

  • Toy Rebellion by Coran Kizer Stone

  • Ewoks vs Care Bears by Dan Hipp

  • Psycho Bert by Loston Wallace

  • Baby X-Men vs Pedobear by M7781

    X-Men Babies actually happened in continuity.

  • Jon Hamm as Superman by Phil Noto

  • Fat Wolverine by Rio Rock

  • Cubism Doctor by Robert Ball

  • Star Trek Love Triangle by Spicy Stewed Demon

  • Peabody to the Future by Splitreason

  • Getting Ready by Moonlight by taffygiraffe

  • Duh-Face He-Man by The-Hat-77

  • Who Watches the Archie Gang by Unknown

  • Disney Villainess Video Game by violatekate

  • Chunky Tink xanderthurteen

  • Smoov Knight Rider by Zarzo

  • Majestic Derpy by 14-bis

    For catesish.