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Adventure Time Portraits

These classy portraits of your favorite Adventure Time crew are for Mike Horowitz's 30 days of Adventure Time Project. He planned on only doing secondary characters, but the response was so good he ended up doing the main cast too! (via The Uniblog)

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  • Choose Goose

    Choose Goose

  • Cowboy, Bumble Bee and Top Hat Piglet

    Cowboy, Bumble Bee and Top Hat Piglet

  • Duke of Nuts

    Duke of Nuts

  • Finn


  • Hot Dog Princess

    Hot Dog Princess

  • Ice King

    Ice King

  • Jake


  • The Jiggler

    The Jiggler

  • Lady Rainicorn

    Lady Rainicorn

  • Princess Bubblegum

    Princess Bubblegum

  • The Lord of Evil

    The Lord of Evil

  • Lumpy Space Princess

    Lumpy Space Princess

  • Muscle Princess

    Muscle Princess

  • Marceline


  • Beemo


  • Party Pat

    Party Pat

  • Tree Trunks

    Tree Trunks

    She is my favorite!