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15 Top Tips For Freshers.

Yeah you can vomit your student loan up the wall but that's not smart, you're an academic now. Spend it wisely using these suggestions, in no particular order...

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1. Rinse the Freshers Fair for freebies.


Freebies galore. This is your chance to get your hands on everything from free stationary, key rings, the occasional branded frisbee and a tree's worth of club night posters to adorn your student hall wall. Keep a keen eye out for free food samples too.

2. Shop around.


It's time to take responsibility, especially if your halls or student house rent doesn't include your bills. Try comparison sites or those that offer packages such as Glide or Split The Bills to get the best deals on utilities.

3. Stop shaving.


Everyone's doing it now. From beards to... well mostly beards. Save cash by not buying razors. Plus, you'll look awesomely god-like. And for the ladies, well, it's entirely up to you on what you decide to stop trimming - you know?

4. Get the right student account.


There are SO many to choose from, shop around for the accounts that work for you before university as most of the big banks tend to offer great deals for anyone who agrees to put their fresh student loan into their new account. Banks such as Santander give you free Young Person Railcards worth up to £120 which can cut your travel costs down when returning home.

5. Quit smoking.


It's not actually that cool and you'll end up buying more Febreeze to cover the stench of cigarette smoke on your clothes anyway...

6. Cook from scratch. Buy in bulk.


Gah-bless the pasta bake, tastes damn good and lasts for a good several days. Check out to learn a few easy recipes so you're not living on toast and cereal. Alternatively, get friendly with someone who can and likes cooking.

7. Get a job.


Unless you're one of the lucky ones, get out and get a job ASAP. Imagine how many other students will be doing the same. Start looking now to earn that paper, it's not as if your degree will take up all your time, is it?

8. Get more for less.


Grab an NUS extra card for discount, on discount, on discount at a range of High Street and online stores from MacDonald's to Odeon cinemas and ASOS, amongst others, in addition to plenty of one off deals, giveaways and competitions, all for just £12 for 12 months.

Sign up for great offers and discounts with the likes of Amazon Student, an account that enables those who sign up to take advantage of six months free one-day delivery on over 7 million eligible items AND a chance to win prizes worth up to £3,000 (£39 per year thereafter – less than half the standard cost of Amazon Prime).

Tastecard membership gives 50% off or 2 for 1 meals at thousands of UK restaurants including Pizza Express, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and All Star Lanes to name a few, PLUS they offer a free 30 day trial (annual membership comes in at £79.99).

9. Apps. Apps. Apps.


Want to find out where your food shop items cost less, or how much your old media is worth? MySuperList enables users to add to a shopping list while it advises on where to find them at the best prices while MusicMagpie helps you shift your old CDs and DVDs (let's be honest, who uses them anyway) and game using their inbuilt barcode scanner, then flog them.

10. Be 'that' guy. Or woman.


Make sure you check out all the local guides for free gigs, events and other stuff to take your new friends to, you can scout deals such as earlybird tickets and text guest lists to save a pound or two.

11. Ride a bike.


It's quicker than walking, cheaper than a bus - in the long run - and helps burn off the calories from that rank kebab with extra chilli sauce from the night before.

12. Save those pennies.


Not the easiest thing to do when you have what seems like a disposable income but saving a bit of cash to avoid the few weeks between your student loan payments or pay checks where you are buying own brand packet noodles, save that shrapnel. Literally, every penny counts.

13. Shwopping.


Losing interest in that One Direction t-shirt? Keen for the classic Ramones one? Maybe, just maybe there could be someone else in your Halls who might like it. Get new-old items by exchanging it for the things you no longer want. Basically, organise a uni swap shop.

14. Megabus it.


It's cheap, but not necessarily cheerful, especially after a heavy night. It might take a while to get from A-to-B, like seriously long but you'll save £££'s.

15. Raid your parents cupboards out of term time.


There's no shame in 'borrowing' those tins of baked beans in your folks pantry. And it's doubtful they need that many rolls of toilet paper...

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