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    19 Sewing Hacks You Should Know

    Get these great sewing tricks and hacks to make your sewing faster and more fun! Down with dull scissors!

    1. Hem the easy way!

    Andrea's Notebook / Via

    Print the hemming template to get a uniform and easy hem, every time.

    2. Save money on thread!


    Stop using the tiny cones of thread. Use a mug to house your giant cone of thread.

    3. Sew buttons on with your sewing machine.


    Stop hand sewing buttons.

    4. Use rubber bands to keep a uniform seam allowance.

    5. Store bobbins in pedicure toe separators.

    6. User washers as pattern weights.

    7. Use two pencils to add a uniform seam allowance.

    8. Use a regular sewing machine to sew knit fabric.


    Learn all about sewing knit fabric with a sewing machine.

    9. Use the cheater method for gathering fabric easily.

    10. Use a pin to get your buttonholes right every time.

    11. Use a bodkin to insert elastic into a casing.

    12. Print a bias tape template.

    13. Learn how to lengthen or shorten anything.

    14. Learn how to use elastic thread

    15. Learn how to make continuous bias tape.

    16. Keep your scissors sharp.

    17. Grade a pattern larger or smaller to fit.

    17. Save the skirt length chart.

    18. Cleaning tricks to keep your iron clean.

    19. Never get frustrated threading a needle again.

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