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  • Upstate New Yorkers Want To Secede From New York To Form The 51st State

    Upstate new yorkers feel they will not have a voice as long has the larger more urban areas have all the power but what will they do once they do become there own state ? here are something i feel upstate new york should do if they become there own state : 1. introduce a 4 major party system , more parties = more choices . currently we can only choose candidates from the gop & the democratic party if we want to win . The gop , The libertarian party , the democrat party , the green party would be the four political parties that i would suggest for this . 2. Legalize use of alternative currencies such as Bitcoin , Dogecoin for trade , taxes 3. support use Solar & wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels 4. Invest in Art & Science , math instead of sports . Academic pursuits are much more important than athletic ones . 5. Legalize Weed for Medical use 6. Require labels on GMO foods 7. Make it legal to drink alcohol at 18 again because if you can work , vote and join the military you should be able to drink .

  • Rolling Stone The Pioneers Of A Communist USA !

    Welcome To The United Soviet States Of America . 1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody 2. Social Security for All 3. Take Back The Land 4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody 5. A Public Bank in Every State If everything is owned by everybody then it’s not property , property is private . this would be public property on steroids . though public property isn’t a big deal . a corrupt government would love it if this happened . American Communist’s & Socialist’s are the type of people who bash capitalism while using their Macbook or iphone . what Lenin , pol pot , Stalin , Kim jong il , kim jong un , Mao zedong , Castro during their political careers proves that .

  • Stefan Molyneux A Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist Internet Philosopher

    Stefan Molyneux is the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, the most popular philosophy show on the Internet, with 400,000 show downloads a month, and tens of thousands of fans . He’s been featured on internet political talk shows like The joe rogan experience , the alex jones show . Adam versus the man back when it was on Russia today . He’s talked about Many different topics in his videos and on Freedomain radio including Bitcoin , Obamacare , Religion , Self defense , the economy . He’s answered the Questions that libertarians supposedly can’t answer . But is he the middle ground that can build a better relationship between the Status quo and The dissenters ? Stefan molyneux considers himself to be a Atheist aswell as a anarcho capitalist. He’s published articles on websites such as , , Strike the Root . He’s self published several books . He’s appeared on RT’s keiser report and Reason tv . Tell us below in the comments what your opinion on stefan molyneux is .

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