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    • thetealocean

      I never said Gigi was directing her actions towards ME. I said that because the original commenters “every Asian I know wouldn’t be offended” didn’t include ME or the other people on this site. And there were cameras, her sister POSTED it so obviously she knew she was being recorded because who doesn’t see a video of them posted by their sibling. There had to have been some communication there. And maybe it was blown into huge proportions, but there are plenty of people her who disagree with what Gigi did. But tbh, it’s on the Internet and it’s bound to get a reaction no matter what.

    • thetealocean

      ok. the thing is, is that gigi was mimicking a face on a cookie, right? asian people have had to deal with the mockery of people pulling on their eyes or squinting real hard to mimic an asian face. although, i’m sure her intentions weren’t meant to be racist, the fact that she still made that face was insensitive to the asian community. and sure, yeah, racist is thrown around a lot, and i’m pretty sure i’ve thrown it around much too easily, but then, her sister had to put it off as a joke. THATS what made me mad. bc then this incident was just brushed off as nothing. sure, gigi didn’t flat out say that asians were a terrible race, but by doing this, she did something that has offended a lot of people here. it wasn’t just because she was mocking a cookie, it’s because that certain face she was making has caused a lot of racial stigma in the past. and because that face was used to distinguish asian people and was used to make fun of them in the past as well.  and by re-reading my comments, i realize that i used ‘racist’ too easily, but this was still REALLY insensitive and she should’ve been aware. i should’ve used microaggressions, as they describe this incident better.

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