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Why You Wanna Be The Mary

In the movie "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" there's a famous fight where the ladies argue as to who is the Mary and who is the Rhoda. It made me think about which I'd rather be, and I realized that all the ladies from the Mary Tyler Moore show were worth being. But, since both Romy and Michele seem to think Mary is the best, here's why you'd want to be a Mary.

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She Makes It, After All.

It's in the opening song, and it's true. Mary doesn't let her boyfriend running out on her get her down, she moves to Minneapolis and shows that she can make it on her own (with a little help from her friends).

She's Got The Best Apartment, Ever.

A killer apartment is great (look at that giant window!), but with real estate it's all about location, and hers is located right below her best friend. Not just any BFF, but Rhoda, a street smart New Yorker who is supportive, fun, and is willing to share great advice.. and candy.

She's Always Got a Hot Guy Persuing Her

The lady has the ability to turn the world on with her smile. Sure, sometimes the guys she attracts are married, gross, or crazy - but her winning personality and confidence brings all the boys to the yard.

She's Got Great Co-workers

Her boss gave her a better job than she originally applied for, her desk pal Murray is always good for a joke, and Ted - well, Ted's a walking joke. Ultimately, they are always there for their gal Mary.

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