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  • The OG Hamburgler Sets Out To Hamburgle McDonalds

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today, McDonald’s launches a new campaign with an entirely new Hamburglar. But, another campaign featuring the OG Hamburglar has just launched as well. The mysterious campaign features the first episode in a series of short films, which individuals on social media will have a say in cooking up. The #OGHamburglar is back in action (straight outta prison) brought to you by a team of rogue creatives who want to bring the beloved character back to life outside of lockdown. fans are encouraged to watch the first episode and decide where the Hamburglar and his gang should strike next. Creative Director Brett Landry says, “This is a project that has been in the works for over two years. We were approached by a top production company to produce our original script which allowed us to make something that we think is worthy of any major film and effects studio. We love the Hamburglar and hope that McDonald’s will enjoy our interpretation of the original character. Press inquiries can be directed to The one minute short can also be directly downloaded from Vimeo.

  • Steve Jobs Appears in ICloud

    Shortly after news of the Passing of Apple’s fearless leader, the ghost of Steve Jobs appeared in Apple’s iCloud and began demanding employees in China get back to work. He also made note that the memorial on Apple’s home page was poorly typeset and that some “asshole” was going to …..

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