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This Picture Is Just Water.

Pretty cool, huh?

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You can see all the pictures here. As for how the intrepid Redditor, Hamtoast, made the pictures, here's the guide they posted:

"Fill a small bowl of water. Bowl should be see through, a common water glass or wine glass works well. Grab some food coloring and olive oil. You get different results depending on which you mix in first. I found that the best results were achieved when the oil was added first, and then poured the coloring onto the oil, letting it slowly sink through.

The oil floats and isolated the water from air, allowing to air to become trapped underneath. Take a spoon and gently lift the oil to create some bubbles. After some time the coloring will seep through all the way to the water, and creating an abundance of colors.

Experiment with lots of different angles and lightning. Try from above, below, the side and everything in between. For light I mainly used the morning sun and reflected the light through the glass, lighting up all the food coloring and letting the light bend through the water."

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