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This Is What Disney's Haunted Mansion Looks Like Behind The Scenes

We now know that it's not at all haunted thanks to the magic of the Haunted Mansion Backstage tumblr.

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The control room of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland:

Remember the crystal ball with the head in it?

This is what it looks like when the ride isn't on.

Here's what "Beating Heart Bride" looks like during the ride.

And here's the bride without the magic.

And the legendary spectral dancers?

This is what they look like.

There's also a picture showing how they get the ghost to sit in the ride with you at the end.

Here's the room with the models of those ghosts. It's a reflection.

Here's another look.

Here's the ride with the lights on.

Hidden Mickey on the dining room table!

More photos:

There are lots more pictures on the official Haunted Mansion Backstage tumblr. Check them out!

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