Subway Sandwich Vs. Deli Sandwich

A turkey sandwich w/cheese from each. Which gets eaten, which gets fed to the dog?

1. This plus the drink/chips was like $7-8…

and it’s not the most appetizing looking sandwich in the world. You can see how much of it is empty space (and that’s with the turkey folded to give the appearance of a fuller sandwich). In fact, I wonder how much empty space there is in Subway sandwiches…

2. Let’s zoom in and see!

Yeah, lots of empty space in the sandwich, a world’s worth.

3. Now let’s take a look at the real sandwich…


4. The deli sandwich (around $8 w/o drinks or anything)

It’s the same exact kind of sandwich (turkey + cheese) but it actually has lots of cheese and turkey.

5. Now, I know you’re saying…

6. but I felt like this when I first got a deli sandwich back in high school.

I was that ecstatic over having a sandwich that’d be filling.

7. So, in summation…

STICK WITH THE REAL DELI! Even if it’s more expensive, just buy the sandwich from the real deli. Yes, for the same price at Subway you can get chips + a drink but Doritos and a coke don’t exactly make an overly processed, anemic sandwich that much healthier. Instead, go patronize a local business rather than a chain, and drink some water with your meal instead.

8. Oh, and in case you were wondering…

This was the dog I gave the Subway turkey sandwich to. She didn’t seem that interested in it though.

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