Reddit User Goes Above And Beyond To Help Ailing Walmart Fish

This is so kind.

1. This is the tale of Reddit user “shortstackcat” who went to Walmart and was appalled by what he saw…

“Look at the gross water. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this.”

“I tried to find an employee to talk to about this matter. After I couldn’t find anyone for about 10 minutes, I got frustrated and took matters into my own hands”

“The supplies- minus the pitcher I used from their fish station sink.”

“I got a cup from the sink where the fish are. No one even noticed. I dumped the fish into the cup (after rinsing it) and put fresh water from a bottle in their newly cleaned containers. This took about 10 minutes and no one noticed. People just walked by, glanced at me, and looked away.”

“Happy betta fish living in clean water!!”

Again, the user’s name is “shortstackcat” and you can read the whole Reddit thread here.

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