An Ode To The East African Land Snail

BuzzFeed has had lists about dogs, cats, turtles, and lizards, but never snails!

1. ICYMI: These guys are taking over the world.

2. No, really! The East African Snail is coming for us!

Read about it here.

3. Here’s a scouting party of them, on their way to test the earth’s defenses.

4. This is what our future looks like.

Image by HolyShmow.

5. So, to welcome our eventual snail overlords, let’s celebrate their cuteness!

7. Here’s one taking a shower.

10. One got a little hungry. Trying to take over the world burns a lot of energy!

Warning: Those aren’t coconuts.

13. This is what they look like on the inside.

The orange, Snookie snail.

15. This little girl is really unimpressed with one of them.

16. Hopefully, the snails find it in their hearts to kill us with kindness rather than by destroying our ecosystem.

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