45 Animals That Are Pumped For The 4th Of July

Patriotism is the last refuge of the adorable.

1. This dog that’s draped in the American flag.

2. This bulldog with giant American flag pants.

3. This guinea pig that’s trying to be all that he can be.

4. This patriotic dachshund.

5. This hedgehog that’s showing his true patriotic colors.

6. This adorable horse with an American flag bow.

7. This cat complete with red, white and blue bandanna.

8. This patriotic pair of dogs.

9. This puppy that’s doing his best to wave Old Glory.

10. These two bloodhounds.

12. This red, white, and blue dog.

Although he kind of looks like the French tricolor in reverse, its heart is in the right place.

13. This chihuahua with an epic ‘murica hat.

14. This cat that covers itself with patriotism.

16. Even this dolphin is getting in on all the 4th of July America feels.

17. This musical patriot cat.


20. This cat that just can’t get enough America paraphernalia

22. This kitten that’s just screaming about how much it loves America.

23. This dog that’s resting in a sea of American flags.

24. This dog who got its nails done for the 4th.

25. Pigs, too, can show their patriotism.

26. This cat who, by the look on its face, is ready to defend the USA from all who would threaten it.

27. This bulldog who’s readying itself for a transatlantic flight to prove America’s dominance.

28. This dog with America shades.

29. Another dachshund, this one is ready to fight for our freedoms.

30. This America-cat.

31. This bulldog that’s just elated to be holding an American flag.

32. This happy trio of dogs.

33. This adorable little guy who won’t let his disability stop him from joining in on the 4th of July fun.

34. This dude (or dudette).

35. This puppy that’s just challenging you to slight America in his presence.

36. This America-star dog.

37. This ferret.

38. And his buddy.

39. This lizard.

40. This ever-vigilant cat.

42. This squirrel that just can’t get enough of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

43. That squirrel’s friend who’s posing with the flag.

44. And their mutual friend who’s cheering them on while wearing an America hat.

45. And last but not least, this poodle.

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