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40 Taxidermied Animals That Are Scarier Than Living Animals

Do not view before going to bed.

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1. A skilled taxidermist can bring a deceased animal to life. A bad one makes horrific, nightmarish creations, such as this vampiric monkey...

2. This terrifying seal

3. This bat with googly eyes

4. Two horned duck-things humping each other

5. These horrible lions

6. This bobcat

7. Whatever this is supposed to be (a ferret?)

8. Yet another nightmare-inducing lion

9. This decaying goose

10. A mutant fox

11. This thing

12. This moose head with the creepiest of smiles

13. This stuffed cat that can't handle the stuffed duck on its head

14. This fox that looks like it could be Slender Man's pet

15. "Puss in boots"

16. This berserk fennec

17. This

18. A pair of raggedy foxes

19. The "stoned fox"

20. This other fox

21. This brush wolf

22. This cat with an overbite

23. A stuffed, dusty, laughing otter

24. A bird that has bad intentions

25. These decrepit mice

26. A wind-up mouse

27. This scowling fox

28. This unsettling trio of royal beavers

29. This half-skinned bat

30. This decomposing butterfly

31. This fabulous yet frightening antelope

32. This wolf that's in the process of being stuffed

33. This PO'd deer

34. An unfinished lamb, dog, and pig

35. This rat that looks like it just got out of a bag of cheese puffs or doritos

36. This fox with two different eyes an and uneven face

37. A Yoda-cyclops hybrid

38. This two-headed pig

39. This monkey with HUGE teeth

40. Here's the creepiest one of all: A stuffed fox in gif form:

41. You can relax now. It's all over.

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