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    37 Ways You Know You Went To Public School

    Some of us didn't have the luxury of an expensive education.

    1. You spent the first year or two of your education drawing crappy pictures instead of learning.

    2. The fanciest field trips you went on were to the post office.

    3. This was your lunch on a bad day.

    4. This was your lunch on a good day.

    5. You learned early on that fire drills were a gift from God.

    6. And that earthquake drills weren't.

    7. You were forced to memorize ultimately useless information for your state's standardized tests (we had the Regents exams in New York).

    8. You filled out arbitrary, busy-work dittos for hours upon hours (upon hours).

    9. Being able to do the morning announcements just once was a big deal.

    10. You had to play this thing.

    11. You had to do P.A.R.P.

    12. The school made you sing a bunch of cheesy songs at graduation.

    13. You cheered when you saw this video because you had dozens of teachers like that and know exactly what he's talking about.

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    14. Speaking of teachers, you had to deal with this...

    15. And this...

    16. and this...

    17. and this...

    18. and THIS...

    19. this too...

    20. also this...

    21. and teachers like this...

    22. and this...

    23. this too, sadly...

    24. and this.

    25. Your teachers went on strike.

    26. Your school's budget didn't pass one year and the district had to go on austerity.

    27. You remember your superintendent, not for what he did for the school or for your education or enrichment, but because he had the nicest car of anyone in the entire district.

    28. You did a million of these things.

    29. And you remember getting a free Pizza Hut pizza every now and then for doing one.

    30. You participated in or went to a "sports night."

    31. You had to do a "senior project," and it was a joke.

    32. You remember which fast-food place served as the social nexus for all the local high schools.

    33. In senior year, a bunch of idiots from your graduating class put forks in the lawn thinking it was the most amazing prank of all time.

    34. You still remember who your grade's prom king and queen were.

    35. You expected your "senior cut day" to look like this:

    36. But it looked more like this:

    37. You had at least one teacher get their curriculum straight from Google.