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    34 Historical Figures With The Most Facial Hair Swag

    The beard is mightier than the sword.

    1. General Ambrose Burnside, the legendary progenitor of sideburns.

    2. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary.

    3. Horace Greeley, bringing the term "neckbeard" to a completely new level.

    Here's a picture of his neckbeard popping out of his shirt.

    4. Friedrich Nietzsche's magnificent mustache.

    5. John Knox, a famous 15th century Scottish clergyman.

    6. Karl Marx, whose beard is so powerful it could seize the means of production for the working class.

    7. His buddy, Friedrich Engels.

    8. Peter Cooper, designer and creator of the steam locomotive in the United States. It looks like he's wearing Einstein's hair on his chin.

    9. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz. If only the Imperial German fleet could've been as powerful as this man's forked beard!

    10. Salvador Dali.

    11. Charles Darwin.

    12. Otto the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire, who reportedly swore by his beard when making an oath.

    13. General Adelbert Adams, who has the perfect t-shaped beard-mustache combo.

    14. Vlad the Impaler.

    15. Grigori Rasputin.

    16. Colonel Sanders and the goatee to end all goatees.

    17. Che Guevara—those t-shirts of him just wouldn't look the same without that bit of ratty scruff.

    18. Daniel C. Beard. He founded the boy scouts AND HIS LAST NAME IS BEARD so that automatically gets him a place on this list.

    19. Donald Grant Mitchell, 19th century author.

    20. Carolus-Duran, french painter.

    21. John White Alexander, painter. Could you imagine what that mustache would look like if this picture was 3D?

    22. Charles V, who grew a beard to hide his "Hapsburg jaw."

    23. King George V's with his perfectly done beard and strong mustache.

    24. Franz Ferdinand.

    25. Nikola Pašić, legendary Serbian political figure and Serbian prime minister during the First World War.

    26. Edward Stanely, former prime minister of the UK. His sideburns and neckbeard are glorious.

    27. King Edward III, whose beard almost resembles that of Santa Clause.

    28. Wyatt Earp.

    29. James "Grizzly" Adams.

    30. Clark Gable.

    31. Genghis Khan.

    32. Mark Twain.

    33. Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    34. Chester A. Arthur.