20 Food Weapons That Wayne LaPierre Probably Has In His Kitchen

Sometimes food can be weaponized, sometimes it can just be made to look like weapons. Either way, the constitution guarantees our right to bear food arms.

1. A gun made of various junk foods

2. Bacon assault rifle

3. Fully-functional Oreo shotgun

5. Spice-dispensing revolver

6. And a revolver for condiments too!

8. Eggs a la firearm

9. Marshmallow PVC pipe gun

10. This meat grinder

It’s kind of gross…

12. Chocolate handgun with ammunition and grenade

16. Bread knuckles and popsicle explosives

via Kyle Bean

17. Sausage, onion, and mushroom handgun

18. A vegetable rifle for the vegetarians out there

20. Eggplant bomb (for special occasions)

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