17 Things That Made You The Man In Elementary School

You know it’s true. Before being the first brat with an iPhone 5, there was being the first brat with any number of cultural obsessions.

1. You regularly spent weekends riding in one of these.

2. You started asking friends to “hang out” instead of “play” before anyone else in your grade.

3. You had the best 100th day of school project.

More images of this shirt can be found @ Reddit where the images of this shirt were originally posted.

4. You were the biggest kid in your grade.

5. You came into school with Big League Chew or Bubble Tape and gave some out.

6. Your parents got you the holiday season’s fad toy and they let you open it before Christmas.

7. You owned the school’s biggest collection of fast-food toys.

8. You had a working arcade console in your house

even if it was Pac-Man.

9. You were the first to have one of these.

10. You were the first person in your grade to own the newest gaming console.

11. You had your own pack of scented markers

so that you didn’t have to use the teacher’s welfare markers.

12. You could do more of any physical fitness test exercise than anyone.

13. You wore this shirt before anyone else did.

14. You did this on the football field.

15. You were the only kid who had a glue pen rather than a glue stick.

16. You pioneered using crayon and marker in the same picture.

17. And, most importantly, you had one of THESE:

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