17 Animals That Are Upset With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber didn’t just upset the media with his recent “Belieber” antics, he upset the Animal Kingdom.

1. This cat that’s so upset its sticking its tongue out at Justin

2. A horse that’s screaming at Bieber’s egotism

3. A capybara gives Justin a look of consternation and disapproval

4. This Elephant is flipping a car in rage

5. Even the Ikea Monkey is shocked about what happened!

6. This bird is positively incensed at Bieber

7. This Tomato doesn’t even know what to think

8. A little mouse yells his opinions about the controversy

9. This snake’s jaw hit the floor when he heard about what happened.

10. This cat was so upset that he attacked his dog-friend who was a Belieber

11. Another dog just gave a stern stare when he heard about the news

12. This Belieber dog couldn’t handle it. He was devastated.

13. This deer was not thrilled.

14. And just look how pissed off this amoeba is!

15. The polar bear contingent wasn’t too thrilled with Bieber

16. Hell, even the CARE BEARS are furious!

17. But this ferett isn’t mad at all, just disappointed.

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