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16 Worst Things About Cleaning Your Apartment

A clean room is not a happy room.

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3. Opening the Clorox wipes only to see that the top wipe isn't sticking out! Now you have to open the whole container and pull the top wipe out manually, getting sticky, likely toxic cleaning fluid all over your hands. Gross!


10. Getting totally psyched to try a new cleaning product only to find out it doesn't work anywhere near as well as advertised. / Via

I bought a Go Duster™ once. It sucked. It basically just spun the dust off the surface of whatever you were dusting straight into the air.


16. When you're finally done and then you're roommate comes in and MESSES UP EVERYTHING. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you had has been washed away along with all the dust and dirt you destroyed. Have fun doing this all again!

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