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    15 Worst Things About Being "Straightedge"


    1. Everyone who hears that you're "straightedge" automatically assumes that you look like this or hang out with people who look like this.

    2. Hearing countless promises to "get you SO DRUNK" every time that someone hears you're straightedge. Every. Time.

    3. The one person who's waiting for you to "fail" at being straightedge.

    4. When people raise the point that the fast food you eat is just as bad (if not worse) than drugs or alcohol.

    5. The snide comments you hear when a friends drag you to a party.

    6. Awkwardly dealing with drunk/high people at said party.

    7. The constant clock-watching at these gatherings—counting down the seconds until it's over.

    8. Chauffeuring your friends around some nights because they know that you'll be sober.

    9. Being lumped in with straightedge movement dogma even if you don't believe it.

    10. Constantly being called "boring" or "lame" or any other insult because you don't enjoy what other people enjoy.

    11. When people tell you that you're only straightedge because you've never had the fun of drinking or recreational drugs.

    12. Dealing with people who treat you like a kid because you don't drink or otherwise make light of it like it's a "phase" or something.

    13. When someone who knows you're straightedge asks you if want a drink in the most condescending manner possible to annoy you.

    14. Everybody thinking you worship this guy.

    15. People thinking that you're part of "the movement" when you're really just a person who doesn't like drinking or doing drugs—and that's it.