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    15 Reasons You Should Be Glad That Summer Is Almost Over

    Winter is coming...and that's great!

    We're nearing the end of August. The summer is almost over! When it started you were probably like this.

    And now that the season is in it's last days, you're probably like this.

    But you shouldn't be upset! Quite the opposite, actually. You should be glad that summer is almost over. Here's why...

    1. The heat and resulting sweaty grossness are going to be gone.

    2. All the annoying kids and disobedient teens are going back to school so you can go out during the day in peace.

    3. Autumn is way more beautiful than summer.

    4. We get an extra hour in the fall so we can sleep in!

    5. No more chocolate melting before you can even eat it.

    6. Football is coming back.

    7. We're that much closer to Halloween.

    8. Which means THIS is going to be on TV in the near future.

    9. It also means that the seasonal sections of department stores will have awesome candies instead of lame, terrible lawn furniture like in the summer.

    10. And Thanksgiving comes soon after!

    11. No more worrying about sunburn or farmer's tan or any of that summertime nonsense.

    12. Shorter days mean more time to gaze at the wondrous night sky.

    13. There's going to be all sorts of tasty fall treats.

    Here are a few pumpkin related ones to get you excited!

    14. No more (or significantly fewer) bugs.

    15. Once the snow gets here corgis will have an excuse to do all manner of adorable things.

    So don't be sad that the summer is almost over—be glad that the fall and winter are almost here!

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