15 Reasons Jupiter Should Be Your Favorite Planet

It’s the King of planets.

1. It protects us from dangerous meteors and other cosmic debris.

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Jupiter’s gravitational pull is so massive that it sucks in a bunch of these things so that they don’t get a chance to hit Earth. Think of it as a vacuum cleaner that vacuums up harmful little lego pieces so you don’t have to step on them. One such instance of Jupiter going to bat for Earth happened last year and was caught on video.

2. Jupiter will host a NASA space probe that has Lego people on it.

Because science!

3. Jupiter’s moon Europa is one of the most interesting moons in the solar system because it may support life underneath its scarred, icy surface.

We might be sending a little soda can submarine thing there in the future.

4. It also has a moon that shares a name with a badass character from Xena: Warrior Princess, Callisto.

Here’s a picture of the moon.

5. Speaking of moons, Jupiter has the most moons of any planet at 67.

For you math geniuses, that’s 67x as many moons as Earth.

6. Jupiter was Lump Maroon’s favorite planet.

7. Jupiter makes sure that its appearance doesn’t get stale.

It shed a stripe in 2010 to keep its image fresh.

8. It’s named after friggin’ ZEUS.


9. Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets in the solar system combined. It’s actually 2.5x bigger than all the planets combined.


10. Jupiter’s rings are far cooler and less gaudy then Saturn’s.

11. You can easily see Jupiter with the naked eye and little help.

12. The Great Red Spot and the other beautifully hypnotic storms on its surface are awesome.

13. Jupiter has a sound.

Sometimes you can hear the noises on AM radio. NASA has their own stream for Jupiter noises.

14. Sweden made this cool flower bed dedicated to Jupiter.

It was part of a solar system project.

15. There’s an adorable Internet cat named Jupiter.

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