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    32 Things You Wished You Would've Learned In School

    These lessons should've been on those pop quizzes we took in school.

    1. What it means to learn for the pure joy of it, not just for a test score.

    2. How to ask the right questions.

    3. How to think for yourself (instead of just regurgitating memorized textbook info.)

    4. That sometimes it's OK not to know all the answers.

    5. How to be an individual.

    6. Social skills, dude.

    7. That happiness is not outside of you.


    8. How to build your network.

    9. How to make your money work for you (instead of working for your money).

    10. That the "answers" in real life aren’t always black and white.

    11. How to dougie.

    12. That life outside of high school is not a popularity contest...

    13. …And that the cool kids? Most of them won’t end up so cool.

    14. How to not get played by a guy.

    15. That reading is actually cool.

    16. That it’s OK not to know what you want to do when you "grow up."

    17. That every person you will ever meet, regardless of who they are or what they've done, has infinite worth.

    18. How to do your taxes.

    19. How to raise emotionally healthy children.

    20. How to overcome your insecurities.

    21. That the purpose of a relationship is not to find someone to complete you...

    22. But to find someone with whom you might share your completeness.

    23. What to do when you're mad.

    24. What to do when you're sad.

    25. What to do when you're heartbroken.

    26. That vulnerability can be one of your greatest strengths.

    27. That you will never use the quadratic equation in real life. Never. Ever. EVER.

    28. The difference between your/you're, to/too, and there/their/they're.

    29. How to love yourself.

    30. That it's OK to take a risk sometimes.

    31. That your life is small and the world is big.

    32. And yet even so, one small person can make a world of difference.