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Please Stop Using These 16 Words To Describe Bodies, Diets, And Food

Some of these are offensive or just plain wrong, or cause people to think not-so-great things about their bodies.

Given what our society tends to value, it’s pretty typical to have some anxiety or self-consciousness about your body.

1. Cheat Day

2. Guilt-Free Food

3. Flat Belly

4. Diet

5. Muffin Top

6. Detox/Cleanse

7. Love Handles

8. Fat-Burning

9. Low-Carb

10. Moobs

11. Bat Wings

12. Thigh Gap

13. Willpower

14. Beach Body

15. Bikini Body

16. Cankles

Words you maybe SHOULD start using:

Tell us in the comments if you’d like to see certain diet, weight-loss, or body terms go away in 2018.

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