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    17 People Who Really Understand Your "Beach Body" Struggles

    Raise your hand if you never wanna hear the words "BEACH BODY" ever again.

    1. This person, who IDK might be a murderer, whatever.

    2. And this person, who's got their tusks sharp and their sacs replenished (FOR SUMMER FUN).

    3. This woman, who's basically given us our new summer mantra.

    4. No, but really.

    This summer, the beach is gonna get whatever body I give it.

    5. This girl, who definitely has a plan.

    6. This guy, who's going rogue.

    7. This person, who really understands that hydration is key.

    8. And this girl, who's looking for something really special.

    9. This person who doesn't even know who you're talking about.

    10. And this woman, who knows all too well.

    11. This guy, who's asking the important questions.

    12. And this man, who has attainable goals.

    13. This woman, who's honestly not even on your wavelength.

    14. This person, who's got totally different objectives all together.

    15. This person, who's ready to ~make the sacrifice~.

    16. And this person who found a really solid work around.

    I said I would have a summer body....didn't tell y'all which summer

    17. Because honestly, the thing is, there's only ONE WAY to get a slammin' beach body: