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    • theresap6

      Here is my commentary: Thank you SO MUCH CJ for taking the time to break it all down! It makes no sense for anyone to mislead the public with these erroneous pie charts and falsified stats! It makes no sense that the very organizations that are collecting the most, are giving the least (To stage IV research) and yet, as we have already seen early on this year with bravado propaganda floating around on social media sites stating that research is not an issue when it comes to death-in their minds, prevention is worthapound of cure but try telling that toapatient that has just been sent home fromacancelled clinical trial because of the sequestration act’s federal funding budget cuts or tellayoung child that their metastatic/stage IV mother cannot benefit fromanew novel chemo drug that may extend her life, and may even reverse the cancer entirely because again, the budget cuts have shelved millions of dollars of vital breast cancer research-and for several years to come! Their are so many scientists working on many various pathways of biologic technology-all breast cancers are not the same and we here so many times from recurring patients-“WHY ME” when they were told they caught it early…..I here so much now in the news about cancer and obesity-“If you eat right and exercise, your risk of BC decreases by… it comes…..wait for it……..The pie chart say’s XXX%, but then the pie chart also read’s XXX%, and this is why there is so much confusion-please show usapie chart that makes sense-one that is proportionate to all breast cancer patients! Stop focusing on prevention as the rates of death have not changed in decades and this should tell even the most uninformed person out there that the issue remains the same and unchanged-if we expect the scientific community to prevent cancer, then we should also expect them to be able to stop it from killing us but all the money that could drive this sword is sadly being wasted on millions of dollars of unnecessary early prevention campaign ads and if anyone has been listening, even ACS is now campaigning to stand up and make some noise as the cuts are serious folks-let’s get our priorities straight for once!

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