The Reflektors

The Reflektors A band from Montreal who had heretofore only played houses as big as 200 people but now found themselves facing thousands of rowdy, adoring fans. We are not the Arcade Fire.
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  • Student Dressed As ‘Arcade Fire’ And Brought A Flamethrower To A Party

    If you bring a flamethrower to a costume party, there’s a good chance everything will get shut down. Just ask Inigo Lapwood. Lapwood, a 20-year-old student at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, attended a “fancy dress” party dressed as “Arcade Fire.” He didn’t dress as one of the band members, though: He wore a small, 8-bit “Space Invader” alien and carried a flamethrower he built using a nail gun and a glow plug from a diesel engine, according to the Telegraph.

  • The Reflektors announce the end of collaboration with Arcade Fire

    Can’t anyone get along anymore? Even after a triumphant show at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom last week, The Reflektors have announced that they will no longer be working with Arcade Fire and that their promising collaboration is officially over. As is now almost always the case, the stunning news was delivered to fans via social media, Twitter in this case, along with a copy of the letter that The Reflektors sent to AF, which you can read in full below. In a separate press release the band made an effort to soften the blow and thank their fans; “We want to thank you to all of our fans who have been supportive through this difficult transition.” they wrote. Win Butler has yet to respond to a request for a comment on the situation.


    - November 29, 2013. After the concert at Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, The Reflectors have officially cancelled all further tour dates with Arcade Fire. ‘We will no longer be collaborating with AF. We look forward to our independence and autonomy in all the areas of our creative pursuits.’ Today, we sent this letter to Arcade Fire: ‘
We fell in love, alone on a stage, I thought I found a way to enter, 
I thought I found the connector.
They tell you that you’re their muse… yeah, they’re so inspired.
You’re the one that they used to hate, but they like you now.
They’re walking around acting like we don’t exist. They walk in the room, and stare right through you talking like, we don’t exist. But we exist! We know that we’re young, and no shit we’re confused.
They tell us we will be left behind, a thousand times.They’re down on their knees begging us please, praying that we don’t exist. But we exist! I won’t deny it, some selfish shit. But tell me why they treat me like this?
We’re so connected, but are we even friends?
I need something more, just a place to be alone. I know there’s a way, we can leave today, and after all this time, 
after all the bad advice, I want to break free, but will they break me?
Before the break up comes the silence. Can it last another night? 
Can we work it out? Can we just work it out?
Seems like a big deal now but you will get over. When you get over and when you get older then you will discover that it’s never over. The Reflektors - We want to thank you to all of our fans who have been supportive through this difficult transition.

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