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    • TheQonCue

      People like you have a totally daft POV of this situation. ANY support for equal rights is a good thing. Especially from our straight allies. Is it unfortunate that straight individuals have voices that are heard by more people and/or are taken more seriously? Of course. But it’s great that they’d use that power to support equal rights. Hating on people for wanting what’s best for you is just insane. So you’d prefer we be totally alienated from all other people? Yeah, that sounds pretty equal to me. Were you a fan of the separate bathrooms and drinking fountains for blacks and whites in the 60s too? Separate but equal sounds like it’s right up your alley.

    • TheQonCue

      As a native Pittsburgher who takes pride in how far this city has come… this is NOT an indication of how the people in this city typically behave. Those of us who live in the city are seriously appalled by the behavior of Kenny Chesney fans this weekend. The trash alone is just… vile and disgusting, to say the least. Most of these tail-gaters were not even attending the concert and a good portion of them were not from Pittsburgh - many traveled in from surrounding areas in the “country” - all of which are about 30 - 60 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. This was a disgrace. Pittsburghers are appalled, embarrassed, and feel disrespected. I certainly think an apology from Mr. Chesney’s camp, on behalf of his fans, is not out of the question.

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