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    27 Fast Food Themed Cakes That Are Like Works Of Art

    Delicious works of art that you'll eat anyway because why wouldn't you eat a Big Mac in the form of a cake? You would. YOU SO WOULD.

    1. McDonald's Big Mac Cake


    Complete with french fries, a drink, and ketchup.

    2. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Cake


    Is eating 40 Chicken McNuggets in cake form worse than eating 40 real Chicken McNuggets?

    3. Taco Bell Tacos and Burritos Cake


    It's a proposal cake. YES.

    4. Or just focus on Taco Bell's Border Sauce:


    In conclusion: People love proposing to their boyfriends and girlfriends with Taco Bell cakes.

    5. Wendy's Cake


    Because who doesn't love Wendy's?

    6. Burger King Whopper Cake


    With three servings of fries...which are actually cake, obviously.

    7. Carl's Jr. Cake


    If he proposes to you with a Taco Bell cake, give him a Carl's Jr. one for his Groom's cake. It's the right thing to do.

    8. KFC Cake and Cupcakes


    A bucket of chicken. Popcorn chicken. Fries. Beans. Corn. Even moist towelettes. They're ALL there.

    KFC Bucket of Chicken Cookies


    Okay, so this isn't a cake, but aren't these cookies like the CUTEST things ever?

    9. Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits Cake


    The chicken in this cake looks like real chicken. Well done baker, WELL DONE.

    10. Domino's Pizza Cupcake Cake


    Eat the pizza cake first, then the cupcakes. Or vice versa. It's a WIN-WIN situation.

    11. Pizza Hut Cake

    12. In-N-Out Burger Cake


    My personal fave.

    13. This In-N-Out cake has Animal Fries:


    And the old Macintosh Apple symbol too for some reason.

    14. Denny's Cake


    Breakfast for dessert? WHY NOT?

    15. Waffle House Cake

    16. Panda Express Cake


    Perfectly packaged in to-go boxes and complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies.

    17. But why not just focus on the Panda Express noodles instead:

    18. Five Guys Burgers and Fries Cake


    It's falling burgers and fries!

    19. White Castle Cake

    20. Subway Cake


    Eat fresh. But it's a cake, so it's like not really fresh. But this looks amazing, so like WHATEVER.

    21. Quiznos Cake

    22. Dunkin Donuts Cake


    Pink frosting and colorful sprinkles. Classic.

    23. Arby's Beef and Cheddar Cake


    With potato cakes on the side. NOMS.

    24. Chipotle Cake


    Because burritos at Chipotle truly do get that large.

    25. Chick-fil-A Cake


    The Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the nuggets, the milkshake, and the waffle fries. This cake encompasses like ALL that is wonderful about Chick-fil-A.

    26. Nando's Cake


    Dedicated to those of you out there who have had the fantastic privilege to eat Nando's and experience Peri-Peri chicken.

    27. Just in case one of these cakes isn't enough:

    Via Flickr: sophotographs

    Dairy Queen. McDonalds. Taco Bell. KFC. Pizza. Subway. The gang's all here.

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