25 Signs That You Attend BYU

Rise and shout. The Cougars are out.

1. The mere existence of beard cards


3. Getting married

Ladies, get ready to receive your M.R.S. degree by the time that you graduate…or like before you graduate.

4. Speaking of which…

NO other college or university publishes seasonal guides for weddings.

5. Going on or returning home from a mission

Because you’re either a pre-mi or an RM…and you talk about your mission (or preparing for your mission) like A LOT to like everyone on campus.

6. The Holy War

You’ll never ever root for the Utes…like EVER.

7. Caffeine on campus? HECK NO.

Caffeine free, please.

8. Building acronyms and nicknames

SWKT, JFSB, JSB, MARB, the Wilk…etc.

9. Walking through campus in this condition:

Winter wonderland.

10. And never experiencing this during your winter semester:

Because there’s like NO Spring Break.

11. Families on campus

Because BYU wouldn’t be the same without random kids running around campus.

12. Studio C and Divine Comedy


13. Knowing that the Marriott Center is for more than basketball…

And as the place where Jimmer played…

14. Statues and sculptures…

That you just walk by like all the time and have absolutely NO clue what they’re about.

15. J Dawgs, the Creamery on 9th…and like every restaurant in the Provo/Orem area

If you haven’t been to J Dawgs (or any of the BYU student favorites in the Provo/Orem area) yet, then be prepared to be accused of living under a rock.

16. Living in BYU Approved Housing

18. NCMO and DTR

No, they’re NOT buildings at BYU.

19. Marriott School of Management

One of the best business schools in America. WORD.

20. BYU Athletics

Rise and roar. GO COUGARS!

21. Quoting Disney and The Princess Bride

Because like everyone at BYU quotes at least one of these…if not both.

22. Knowing someone who knows someone who knows Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons…

But like seriously…

23. Getting to see nature like this on campus:


24. Being a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Provo Temple

And the Missionary Training Center (MTC)

25. Reminding yourself that Brigham Young University is a very special place…

There’s no other place like BYU in the entire world. Enter to learn, go forth to serve.

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