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    23 Looks That Only Denise Huxtable Can Pull Off

    Who else could've made Theo's Gordon Gartrell knockoff shirt? NOBODY.

    1. Headbands and headwraps:

    2. CRAZY sweaters:

    3. Collars on top of collars:

    4. The coolest hats like EVER:

    5. Speaking of which, turbans!

    6. Bright makeup:

    7. Oversized plaid blazers:

    8. Oversized floral blazers:

    9. REALLY, REALLY long strands of pearls:

    10. Preppy chic:

    11. Prep school chic:

    12. Three belts at once:

    13. Stylish sweats:

    14. Tropical-print blouses:

    15. Oversized blouses:

    16. Fantastic blouses in general:

    17. Blouses that look like they're on backwards:

    18. TONS of tulle and fabric:

    19. Layers on layers on layers:

    20. Huge brooches with feathers:

    21. Military-style jackets:

    22. Mix-and-match:

    23. And straight-up matching too:

    Finally, a friendly reminder of the Gordon Gartrell knockoff shirt that she made for Theo: