21 Parks And Recreation Food Items That You Should Have In Your Life

Treat yo self and smell like a delicious waffle from JJ’s Diner.

1. Leslie Knope’s Waffle Necklace

It matches your LBD and it’s SCENTED. Perfect.

2. Waffle Soap

Just in case a neckace isn’t enough and you want YOUR ENTIRE BODY to smell like a delicious waffle from JJ’s Diner.

3. “Friends, Waffles, Work” Tiny Canvas Quote

Because waffles ALWAYS come before work.

4. “Treat Yo Self” Crocheted Coffee Mug Cozy

It also fits travel mugs. WIN.

5. “Papa Ben’s Low-Cal Calzone Zone” T-Shirt

As Ben Wyatt informed us, a calzone is a portable, delicious meal that is its own container. Calzones FOR DAYS.

6. Ron Swanson Bacon and Eggs T-Shirt

7. “You Had Me At Meat Tornado” Cross Stitch

8. “Give Me All The Bacon And Eggs You Have” Poster

9. Or maybe you’d rather have this Ron Swanson quote in art print form:

10. Or maybe you’d rather have it with your breakfast:

11. “The Swanson Real-Man Meal” Screen Print

Real men eat turkey legs wrapped in bacon. Quantity over quality. TRUST.

12. Ron Swanson 5 x 5 Folded Card

Again, TRUST.

13. “Turf and Turf” 8 x 10 Print

SHOUTOUT to Mulligan’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

14. Ron Swanson Mustache 11 x 14 Print

Among other amazing things, this again mentions Ron’s never-ending love for meat, steak, bacon, and eggs.

15. Ron Swanson Father’s Day Card

Because Father’s Day is in June and fishing’s not that hard.

16. “When I Eat, It Is The Food That Is Scared” 5 x 5 Print


17. “You Had Me At Meat Tornado” Eye Chart

For all of the Ron Swanson fans and meat lovers who have vision problems.

18. Tom Haverford Food Slang 8 x 24 Print

To hang in your kitchen or dining room to look at whenever you’re eating your apps, tre-tre’s, and zerts.

19. Tom Haverford “I’m Not Your Maid” 12 x 18 Print

Remember Haverford Rule No. 6.

20. “Treat Yo Self” Mug

A friendly reminder from Donna and Tom.

21. “Foods of Ron Swanson” Hand-Illustrated Print

ALL of the foods of the ultimate man that is Ron Swanson in one print.

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