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    20 Adorable Etsy Items All Mindy Kaling Fans Need In Their Lives

    Be your own role model. Channel your inner Beyoncé Pad Thai.

    1. Imaginary Best Friend Conversations Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    Because like everyone wants to have the standard Forever 21 is such awful quality but the prices are irresistable!" conversation with Mindy. Buy it here.

    2. Lipgloss Quote Embroidery Hoop Art

    lemondifficult / Via

    PREACH, Mindy. PREACH. Buy it here.

    3. Hot Mess Quote Embroidery Hoop Art

    cookoorikoo / Via

    If Mindy can be a hot mess sometimes, then we can too. WE CAN TOO. Buy it here.

    4. Mindy Lahiri Greeting Card

    ohgoshCindy / Via

    Because Mindy in watercolor form = GORGEOUS. Buy it here.

    5. Mindy Project Quote Posters

    Shaileyann / Via

    Buy them here.

    6. Mindy Kaling Portrait Print

    ohmanhoman / Via

    A cute portrait of your woman spirit guide. Buy it here.

    7. "Shopping Is My Cardio" T-Shirt

    CoolFunnyTshirts / Via

    Wear this while dance-working out like Mindy. Buy it here.

    8. "If We're Still Single In Five Years " Greeting Card

    RainyDayCraftParty / Via

    #ForeverNotAlone. Buy it here.

    9. Mindy's Favorite Things Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    Based on Mindy's old blog. Posted on her Instagram. AWESOME. Buy it here.

    10. Glittery "I'm Sandra Bullock!" Card

    SheDoodled / Via

    Because glitter, Sandra Bullock, and Mindy riding a bike. Buy it here.

    11. "My Body Is Very Attracted To Your Body" Embroidery Hoop Art

    cookoorikoo / Via

    Awesomely honest quote + dinosaur = PERFECTION. Buy it here.

    12. "It's So Weird Being My Own Role Model" Mug

    PrintPunch / Via

    Your daily reminder every morning...and every time that you use this mug. Buy it here.

    13. Doughnuts Quote Art Print

    TheSilverSpider / Via

    Doughnuts for lunch ALWAYS. Buy it here.

    14. Mindy Kaling Fabric Button Earrings

    ODarlingDesigns / Via

    Because since Mindy is stylish, then her face as earrings are stylish too. Buy them here.

    15. Rhymes With Mindy Kaling Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    Rhyming has never been more chic and adorable. Buy it here.

    16. "Mindy Is My Spirit Animal" Crop Top

    EffieandRyn / Via

    Isn't she like everyone's spirit animal??? Buy it here.

    17. Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Portrait

    tchristensenart / Via

    BFFs 4EVA. Buy it here.

    18. Mindy's Bad Dates Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    A bunch of cuties. Buy it here.

    19. Beyoncé Pad Thai Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    The most stylish, the funniest, the smartest, and the sexiest superhero like EVER. Buy it here.

    20. "You're the Danny to My Mindy" Card

    ShanaBDesign / Via

    Danny + Mindy = YES FINALLY THIS IS HAPPENING. Buy it here.

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