Tegan And Sara’s “Closer”: Now With 3,000,000% More Dog!

The girls step out for sound check and canine chaos ensues. 12 takeaways from the aftermath.

1. Tegan’s the Alpha (“Don’t forget to go for a walk.”) and Sara is the Omega (“NO PARTIES. WE MEAN IT.”).

Source: The Pet Collective

2. Pugs are naturally shy, wallflowers even…

Source: The Pet Collective

3. …but they still get invited to all sorts of cool parties. (“You guys could have least invited us. Really, the pug got invited… but not us?” *Cue this nonplussed expression on the pug’s face.*)

Source: The Pet Collective

4. Corgis, by contrast, love the spotlight. This one’s angling for frontdog status. His solo record is still a work in progress but it’s coming.

Source: The Pet Collective

5. In keeping with the original, the dogs play a game of spin the bottle. The corgi is ready to get physical…

6. …but this dog is like, “HOLD UP, SLOW YOUR ROLL”.

Source: The Pet Collective

7. And as it, the bottle falls on the Pug. Which creates all sorts of akwardness. SO MANY FEELS. One might even say that rejection is a b*tch.

Source: The Pet Collective

8. Still, the corgi knows what it really wants: the tennis ball.

Source: The Pet Collective

9. Everything looks better in slo-mo, especially pillow parties gone awry.

Source: The Pet Collective

10. We also learned that TV-VHS combo boxes…

Source: The Pet Collective

11. …are still a thing. STILL.

Source: The Pet Collective

12. Our stars, surveying the aftermath. The final takeaway here: dogs need supervision and can’t be trusted! Party animals to the bone.


Source: The Pet Collective | Subscribe on YouTube.

The moderately more suggestive original, presented here for easy reference. CLICK IT, DON’T BE AFRAID.

Source: Tegan And Sara

Go behind the scenes with the cast, crew, dogs, and our dreamy duo, Tegan and Sara!

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Source: The Pet Collective

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