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Naked Cat Photos "Accidentally" Leak On YouTube [VSFW]

The [VSFW] stands for Very Safe For Work. But, yes, you will see (cat) nipples, and these were posted as "accidentally" as most celebs' leaked pics.

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"Leaked" Naked Cat Photos

The Pet Collective - #KittenCam / Via

And to think...her kids are right there!!

The conspiracy doesn't go too deep though. These photos were "leaked" by The Pet Collective for their newest 24 hour live stream of cute things on YouTube, #KittenCam. This is an appropriate sequel to their original #CorgiCam which has managed to corner the market on live streamed puppies in 2012. Kitten lovers demanded it, and kitten lovers received it.

As far as them being naked...well, yes, cats are usually naked, so it's not really all that scandalous, but it is cuuuutttteee.

24/7 Live Streaming Kittens = Heaven

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The Pet Collective - #KittenCam / Via

You will see a lot of naked cats on this feed. Be sure to subscribe to The Pet Collective so they can keep cranking out adorable 24/7 streams of adorableness.

First #KittenCam Highlights

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The Pet Collective / Via
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