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Hot Guy Is Kitten Expert

Turns out Los Angeles has the hottest veterinarians. Go figure.

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Hot Vets

The Pet Collective / Via

I don't know about you, but if I'm going to get some quality information about the dangers of feline AIDS, it might as well be from a dude with muscles bigger than the kitten he's holding. L.A. is riddled with beautiful people, and The Pet Collective found a bunch that are kitten and puppy experts. Want a pet series that takes itself too seriously? Go elsewhere. But don't think these vets are dumb dumbs...they're real veterinarians, they're full of real pet facts...and they're really hot.

Hot Vets - Cats & Vaccines (Video)

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The Pet Collective / Via

He's a bit like the Old Spice Guy's nicer brother - AND he can have your pet spayed or neutered. God bless the internets. You can't pull off quirky-fun things like this on TV...except maybe Adult Swim...but I would question their knowledge of cat vaccines.

Dream Jobs?

The Pet Collective / Via

On an inside note from over at The Pet Collective, there were about seven of us around a Mac checking out the dallies of the green screen footage the other day, and it's apparent that directing good looking veterinarians while occasionally handing them a cute pet, is confirmation that we have really really fun jobs.

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