Hot Guy Is Kitten Expert

Turns out Los Angeles has the hottest veterinarians. Go figure.

1. Hot Vets

The Pet Collective / Via

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to get some quality information about the dangers of feline AIDS, it might as well be from a dude with muscles bigger than the kitten he’s holding. L.A. is riddled with beautiful people, and The Pet Collective found a bunch that are kitten and puppy experts. Want a pet series that takes itself too seriously? Go elsewhere. But don’t think these vets are dumb dumbs…they’re real veterinarians, they’re full of real pet facts…and they’re really hot.

2. Hot Vets - Cats & Vaccines (Video)

The Pet Collective / Via

He’s a bit like the Old Spice Guy’s nicer brother - AND he can have your pet spayed or neutered. God bless the internets. You can’t pull off quirky-fun things like this on TV…except maybe Adult Swim…but I would question their knowledge of cat vaccines.

The Pet Collective / Via
The Pet Collective / Via

6. Dream Jobs?

The Pet Collective / Via

On an inside note from over at The Pet Collective, there were about seven of us around a Mac checking out the dallies of the green screen footage the other day, and it’s apparent that directing good looking veterinarians while occasionally handing them a cute pet, is confirmation that we have really really fun jobs.

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