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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Colonel Meow

From unnamed adoptee to sourpuss supernova. Watch as The Pet Collective and “memesperts” from BuzzFeed, Cheezburger, and Tumblr recap the meteoric rise of an Internet blue-chipper, Colonel Meow.

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This is Colonel Meow, pictured here with his bevy of choice, Scotch (one ice cube only, thank you). He was rescued from a shelter in Seattle late in 2011 by his owner, Anne Marie Avey. Today, he commands a following of thousands on his social media feeds.

Or is it something different altogether? WATCH AND LEARN!


Hope you enjoyed Memed, our brand new original TPC series that focuses on the most famous animal superstars on the Interwebs. We will show you how these ordinary pets have morphed into pop culture icons or memes, and give you a glimpse at the wild roller coaster ride that is Internet fame. Check back every Monday for a new installment!

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