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Can A Dog Revive The James Bond Franchise?

007 was always a ladies man, but didn't realize he was an absolute dog until now. This pup has a license to chew.

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Dog is Bond

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The Pet Collective / Via

Been a few years since we've seen a new Bond film. Well, The Pet Collective couldn't wait any longer for Skyfall, so having not seen it yet, and having little to go on besides the trailer, they delved back to the very origins of the franchise. TPC happens to have a few 007 fans on the staff, and they decided to kick things a little old school when it came to choosing a dog for their latest petody and started from the very beginning, with Dr. No..No, Sit.

FYI, if the dog franchise sticks to the original sequence of films, we might just see a From Russia With Fuzz next, and subsequent instances just might have an Ernst Stavro Blofeld played by a cat...which is ironic as hell, because he was always stroking a cat.

Regardless, it's a fun quickie that continues The Pet Collective's obsession with pop culture hijacked by pets.

Craig is Bond

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SonyPictures - YouTube / Via

Anyway, with or without a dog, Skyfall does look pretty bad ass.

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