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Baby Kitten Looks Like She's Praying

Proof that all cats go to heaven too.

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Kitten Praying

The Pet Collective / Via

One week old, and her eyes aren't even open yet. She's a precious rescue in the Los Angeles area who was slated for termination - all too common a problem in the world of stray overpopulation. So seriously, do Bob Barker's bidding, and have your pets spayed or neutered. And if you want a pet, please consider rescuing one from a local shelter.

But she was rescued and is in great foster care,so there is easily a happy ending here with this little one. Through the magic of YouTube, this adorable kitten's prayers should be easily answered and shouldn't have a problem finding a forever home after this video goes mega viral.

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The Pet Collective / Via

Paws together, little kitten noises, this little one is crushing us with cuteness.

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