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Amazing Gangnam (Goldfish) Style Parody

So a corgi, a goldfish, a dancing cat, and a bunny rabbit walk into a Google+ Hangout... It's about time a good parody of this impossibly catchy tidbit of K-pop has arrived.

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Goldfish Style (Petody)

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The Pet Collective / Via

Out of the perpetual digital zeitgeist comes the latest golden (literally this time) petody (pet parody) from The Pet Collective, this time taking liberty with the main character of the K-pop phenomenon, Gangnam Style.

These petodies always star a pet in the world of The Pet Collective...usually a dog...but here's a pleasantly surprising change up with, yes, a goldfish. But don't worry, there's always room to squeeze in a cute corgi, and the Google+ Hangout is an unforeseen, yet, delightfully appropriate touch. I mean, what else would a goldfish, a rabbit, a cat and a corgi talk about in a Google+ Hangout? They'd probably just sing Gangnam Style, duh.

Gangnam Style - PSY (Original)

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YouTube - officialpsy / Via

This clip should need no introduction. However, out of kindness to new audiences, if you have not seen this, prepare to NOT get this song out of your head until about December when Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is resuscitated, replicated, and kicks every other song you love out of your brain for about 3-7 cold cold weeks. But in the meantime, if you find yourself with Gangnam Style stuck in your head, just replace Gangnam with the word with Goldfish, and you will likely survive until sometime around Black Friday when Mariah will transform your frontal lobe into a frontal Christmas globe.

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