22 Life Lessons From Tina Belcher

She knows burgers, loves a good rear, and has the voice of a tone deaf male angel. If Tina Belcher wrote a self help book, this is how it would go.

1. Believe in yourself.

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2. It gets worse before it gets better.

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3. Be humble.

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4. Stay classy.

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5. Defend your man.

6. Live with passion.

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7. Friendly competition is healthy.

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8. Dad knows best.

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9. Be fabulous.

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10. Leave the clown face at home.

11. Listen to your gut.

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12. Face your problems head on.

13. Indulge every once in a blue moon.

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14. Don’t be afraid of love.

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15. Don’t tell mom.

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17. Know your angles.

18. Think positively.

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19. Choose your battles.

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20. Keep an open mind.

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21. Work hard, play hard.

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22. Always remember to shoot for the stars

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