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    11 Plant Butcher Creations That Will Change How You Look At Meat

    Plant Butchers are a new band of butchers using plant proteins to show the world the art of plant-based carnivory. Warning: Your meat might never be the same

    1. Korean Ribs @ The Herbivorous Butcher

    2. Fried Meatball and Mozzarella Hoagies @ The Butcher’s Son

    3. Rachel on Rye @ Atlas Meat-Free Deli

    4. Pulled Pork Prepper @ No Evil Foods

    5. Späck Ham @ Sgaia Foods

    6. Maple Bacon Donut Fried Chicken Sandwiches @ The Butcher’s Son

    8. 6 Foot Party Sub @ The Herbivorous Butcher

    9. Ground Beet Burgers @ Yam Chops

    10. Hand-Rolled Donuts @ The Butcher's Son

    11. KFC-Style Double Down @ The Herbivorous Butcher