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    11 Plant Butcher Creations That Will Change How You Look At Meat

    Plant Butchers are a new band of butchers using plant proteins to show the world the art of plant-based carnivory. Warning: Your meat might never be the same

    1. Korean Ribs @ The Herbivorous Butcher


    Zagat called these sugar-glazed, slow-smoked ribs “the gateway drug to meatless meats”

    2. Fried Meatball and Mozzarella Hoagies @ The Butcher’s Son

    The Butcher's Son

    Taste the magic of turning plants into meat and cheese with this glorious sandwich, named one of the best in the entire Bay Area

    3. Rachel on Rye @ Atlas Meat-Free Deli


    You'll become a believer in plant-only pastrami after tasting the Rachel - 6 ounces of handcrafted pastrami, artisan vegan cheese, signature mustard dressing, and traditional German + Latin sauerkraut on marbled Jewish Rye - Salud!!!

    4. Pulled Pork Prepper @ No Evil Foods

    No Evil Foods / Via

    You can now pig out on pig-free pork thanks to the plant meat geniuses at No Evil Foods

    5. Späck Ham @ Sgaia Foods

    Sgaia Foods / Via

    This UK shop is turning plant butchery into a true art with their masterly creations, like this killer prosciutto-style ham

    6. Maple Bacon Donut Fried Chicken Sandwiches @ The Butcher’s Son

    The Butcher's Son / Via Facebook: vegandelicatessen

    All plant-powered and topped with a peach

    8. 6 Foot Party Sub @ The Herbivorous Butcher

    The Herbivorous Butcher / Via

    Ok, they made this for Moby, but you can indulge in mini-versions of the Italian Cold Cut and Turkey Dill Havarti at their shop any day

    9. Ground Beet Burgers @ Yam Chops

    Yam Chops

    If you've never experienced the bizarre pleasure of biting into bloody beet meat, this is the place for you

    10. Hand-Rolled Donuts @ The Butcher's Son

    The Butcher's Son

    There are less than 5 shops in the whole country that hand-roll their donuts, and The Butcher's Son is one of them. They bake 'em all, including the uber-popular Bacon Cannoli, hot and fresh each day.

    11. KFC-Style Double Down @ The Herbivorous Butcher


    Not a menu item yet, but this plant-only take on KFC's ode to gluttony was so popular at a recent food festival, the plant meat masters at Herbivorous Butcher just might make it a staple