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Survivor Family Dinner

Family dinners can be a lot like a game of Survivor. Check out this family video where the kids participate in one of the best Reward Challenges.

TheMomof6Boys • 3 years ago

Cat Makes Creepy Faces While Sleeping

We all know that cats dream, but sometimes the faces they make while they're sleeping are downright creepy!

TheMomof6Boys • 4 years ago

How Parents React To Kids Going Back To School

There are many kinds of parents in this world. They all react to kids going to school in their own way.

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

I Am Not Tina Fey - That's What Tina Fey Would Say

Many of us have been told we remind them of a celebrity. Who have you been told you look like?

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

How Could Potty Training Possibly Go Wrong?

Parents take note! Sometimes your kids just aren't ready to potty train yet.

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

Get Your Smartphone To Speak For You

A much better use for your Smartphone! Program in a couple of responses and you're ready for any situation!

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

Why Do Women Take So Long To Fall Asleep?

We've heard them complain, now understand why.

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

How Kids Play Video Games

Gaming is a physical activity for kids.

TheMomof6Boys • 5 years ago

Viral Video Twins Watch Their Video 2 Years Later

The Crib Escape Artist and his brother were 20 months old when the sneaky escape was captured on film. Now at 4 years old, they react to their video and share their thoughts.

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

What Kids Say Before They're Grounded

Grounding is a parent's punishment of choice. These kids show us in this video some of the last things kids say right before they are grounded... in some cases, maybe for life.

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

Baby Bear Tries To Climb A Shed

Come on little guy! You can do it!

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

Kids Answer Questions About Their Dad

Never ask a kid a question and expect a realistic answer. Check out these kids' answers about their dad.

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

How To Make Sick Kids Feel Better

Cold and flu bugs are no match for.... Just ask these two. They seem to know what works.

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

Twins Fall Asleep On Their Dad

Exhausted from potty training or happy to have a cuddle, there is no denying that these two are adorable as they sleep blissfully with their dad.

TheMomof6Boys • 6 years ago

Cute Toothbrushing Lesson

It is tough teaching a kid how to brush their teeth. Now try teaching twins.

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago

Trapped In The Closet

What do you do when your kid gets himself trapped in a closet? You get your video camera out of course! :)

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago

Sneaky Twins Avoid Bedtime

The toddlers seem happy to have some quiet time with a book, until mom leaves the room.

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago

Hilarious: How A Kid Gets Dirty

Ever wonder what a kid does in a day to get all that dirt on them? This video answers that question.

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago

Cute Kids Caught Drawing On The Walls

Two year old twins and their four year old brother are caught drawing on the walls. Watch these cuties clean up their mess.

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago

Bedtime For Twins

These two are too cute! Who says you need two of everything? They can share!

TheMomof6Boys • 7 years ago