The Best And Worst Things About Vacationing With Your Friends

Going to the beach with your best friends is AWESOME…but it kinda has some downsides, too.

1. The Good: The moment you walk in the door

2. The Worst: You have so much fun you forget to sleep…

3. The Good: You get amazing (albeit liquor induced) ideas

4. The Bad: Walking home from the bars

5. The Good: Pants Optional

6. The Bad: Everyone forgets water bottles so being hungover is the WORST

7. The (sorta) Good: You learn a lot about yourself

8. The Bad: Every night seems like Saturday night

9. The Bad: Someone always steals at least one article of your clothing

10. The Good: Drinking on the beach

11. The Bad: Everyone seems to want to kill pedestrians

12. The Good: Getting to flirt with random strangers

13. The Bad: Losing the security deposit

14. The Good: All the good places to eat

15. The Bad: When you/your friends get into bar fights

16. Overall it’s awesome and pretty much like this…

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