The 19 Weirdest Things About The Animal Crossing Series

It’s weird….but it’s awesome, and so darn CUTE

19. Your character could potentially come out looking like a sad, big-headed baby

She’s still kinda cute

18. Some of your neighbors may or may not be potheads…

I’m sure this game’s entire demographic may get this

17. You may be slightly confused about how to feel at times

Is this…a good…thing?

16. You can get out of debt just by selling assorted objects

I mean if a fish was worth as much in real life as it is in this game, we’d all be rich

15. They throw ragers that you’re never invited to

Why can’t I come?!

14. They have weird nicknames foryou

I can’t tell if I think the nickname is funny….or if it’s slightly creepy

13. Tragedies include eating too much spaghetti

SO sad

12. Sometimes you can’t tell if a neighbor is just a normal neighbor…or Cher Horowitz reincarnated

11. Flying presents


10. A lightbulb is an appropriate consolation prize

9. Their concept of maturity

Yes, blue-spotted frog you seem legit

8. They can go a little beyond facebook stalking creepy


7. Snow and tulips exist in harmony

I actually this was possible

6. Your mom is really weird

Which might not seem that weird if you’re real life mom is also weird

5. These suggestions!!

How is that plausible, Wendy!?

4. Is this animal…horny?

Is this a slight innuendo or is it just me?

3. Falling in pitfalls can be an almost daily happening

this would be HORRIBLE

2. Is this lonely…or cool?

The local business could do with some other patrons

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