How To Tell If You Are George-Michael Bluth

You should be honored, Mister Manager.

1. It makes you uncomfortable when people are too forward

Admit it, this made you cringe

3. You’re not 100% sure how to handle drugs

At least you tried being rebellious

4. This is how you deal with being upset

And maybe being a little tired, too

5. Every cloud has a….sad lining

At least you’re real, right?

6. You’re not the most popular

But you still put a smile on that face!

7. When you lie…it turns out sort of awkward

8. Like really awkward when you lie

Everyone can tell it’s a fake laugh, give it a break

9. You can be a touch over-dramatic

10. Being an athlete was never in your future

So close….not at all though

11. You can’t tell if you like, tolerate, or hate your job

12. You need to calm yourself down from the little things every once in a while

It’s gotta end sometime, but you never want it to

14. You’re a little bit of a dork sometimes

15. You’re very literal

He thought you were talking about meals!

17. You appreciate a good patterned shirt

21. You’re not afraid to ask probing questions

22. Even when you try not to be awkward, you’re still awkward

23. Sometimes you take jokes too far and it ends up annoying every one

24. Despite being awkward, you’re not too afraid of how other people see you

25. You know your duties

26. Your family often puts you in awkward positions

27. You and your dad are pretty close

28. You can give thoughtful and sweet advice

31. So here’s to you

33. Looking forward to more relatable moments in the new season!

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